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Man in the Corner CoverAbout Man in the Corner:

Mae Taylor and her son Josiah just want to be left alone after the divorce. Their plans to start over solo are jostled when they move next door to Mr. Tom, a lonely widower and retired school teacher. Together, this unlikely trio finds a second chance at faith, hope and love with help from Gettysburg, cookbooks, an attic secret and two ‘Christmas ghosts.’


Isabella's Torch Cover Photo.3A 16th century French Christmas carol. Seconds on ice cream. Mom’s lime-pineapple Jell-o mold and Dad’s secret stuffing recipe. Storifying. This Thanksgiving-themed micro memoir combines holidays past and present, stirring up a gentle reminder that wherever family is on the fourth Thursday in November, we’re home.

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Have you tried humor writing only to crash and burn? Would your best material outlast the expiration date on a milk carton? Nearly Nine Terrific Tips for Writing Humor skedaddles from the pithy pen of Kristine Lowder, author of “excruciatingly insightful prose.” Her brief resource offers clear, concise and user-friendly tips that will have the crankiest curmudgeon laughing in no time!

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Skipping the Tiramisu Cover 3Are you a writer?  How do you know?
Skipping the Tiramisu: Becoming the Writer You Were Born to Be answers these questions and much more.  This micro book covers how to find your writing voice, build your platform, beat writer’s block and turn rejects into wins.
Lots of encouragement laced with humor shows you how to become the writer you were born to be!  YOU CAN DO IT!!
Download your free copy of Skipping the Tiramisu.

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