Author Avalanche!

Featured Avalanchers:


John Lucas

Cheryl Kincaid

Donna Goodrich

Terry Whalin

Kathi Macias

Peggy Matthews-Rose

Sandy Keith

Barbara Bassett

How Do I Join the Avalanche?

It’s simple and FREE:

  • Fill out the form below.  (I won’t spam you or sell your info. to anyone.  Ever.)
  • Include a brief (100 words or less) synopsis of your book in the space provided.
  • Include your author’s bio – 100 words or less.
  • When your promo goes live, share the link from this blog on all your social media outlets.
  • Post the author promo/interview featured before yours on your media channels. Remember, it’s about building a team.  The person who comes after you does likewise with your promo.  You get double-exposure.  It’s a win-win.
  • Subscribing to this blog and/or my free sort of monthly newsletter, Wreal 8, is appreciated but not required.

Got the idea?  It’s about teamwork.  Helping you connect with previously featured authors and soon-to-be featured authors.  You help another author, they help you.  We all extend our reach.  Together, we can do more than any of us can solo.

Are you ready?

Contact me with your book title, genre and a brief synopsis (250 words or less). Also an author bio (100 words or less) plus a photo of yourself.  Let’s go from there.

You can catch me at:


* I reserve the right to reject any submission, for any reason.  This blog is G-rated.  Material not falling into that category in my exclusive judgment will not be considered.

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