So I Decided to Give Up

So I decided to give up.

I say that every few months or so.  Especially after some crochety curmudgeon of an acquisitions editor can be so dim-witted as to refuse my latest literary gem.

Now, lest you think I’m hyper-sensitive, let me hasten to add that the last rejection letter was… The Last.  (Actually, it’s a little worse than that. Like I said somewhere else, I had a novella accepted for publication, signed a contract and then the publisher decided “we aren’t publishing fiction anymore.” Harumph!)

So  I decided to give up.  Forget the whole writing gig and move to Tibet.

Then I stumbled upon Jeff Goin’s The Writer’s Manifesto: Stop Writing to be Read & Adored.  “Coincidence?”


If you’re ready to give up on your writing career, take heart.  Read Jeff’s Manifesto.  It’s quick, easy and uplifting.  I promise.

It’s also a lot cheaper than moving to Tibet.


Have you ever felt like giving up as a writer?  What’s kept you going?  Share in the comments section.



Warm Weather Whirlwind?

School’s out.  Finally.  Summer sure took her time getting here, eh?  She gimped onto the calendar with the alacrity of a crippled snail.  Even so, as every cell of my being opens to the long-lost sun, drinking in a taste of summer, I’m celebrating.  Sort of.

Why?  Well, have you noticed?  Summer is a con artist, spritzing myths into gullible ears like mist in a hothouse.

Examples? After the ninety-miles-an-hour-with-your-hair-on-fire frenetic pace of the school year, summer cons us into thinking we’re in for a “break.”  “Slow down,” she coos, “kick back.  Rest up.  Wind down.  After all, it’s summer!”

Warm weather whirlwind?

Oh, really?

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